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Wood texture paper manufacturer and supplier 2022? I.DECOR decorative paper supplier insists on surviving by quality, building the image with efficiency and developing by reputation. In production, we introduce domestic and foreign advanced production technology and equipment to guarantee quality, high production efficiency, and timely delivery. I.DECOR decorative paper supplier provide customers with efficient ODM/OEM services of various kinds of high-quality decorative paper. Find additional information at decorative paper manufacturers.

What is the Outlook for the U.S. Decor Paper Industry? The U.S. has a highly rewarding real estate market that has seen a substantial increase in investments over recent years. The nation has seen a notable increase in residential construction activity, which has subsequently driven demand for home decor and made the U.S. a market to watch out for. Demand for furniture decor paper in commercial establishments is also anticipated to be high in the U.S. as commercial spaces prefer more designer furniture.

Decor paper is used in getting quality finishes on wooden materials after impregnating. Decor paper is used in a wide range of colors and weights. Machine-smoothed decor paper has gathered some steam among consumers. Some of the key application areas in the decor paper are flooring, paneling, and furniture surfaces. The demand for light-resistant and chemically inert decor paper has seen noticeable growth. The total worldwide production of wood based panels has already touched 400 mn m3. A key application area is abrasion-resistant laminate flooring.

Decor papers enable surface upgrades for wood-based substrates for use in the production of furniture, laminate flooring and other interior and exterior design panels. I-Decor decor papers function as a carrier of color and provide excellent properties for decorative printing and resin saturation during impregnation. We offer white or solid colored decor papers, specifically for HPL and LPL applications, as well as print base papers and pre-impregnated papers.

Lifestyle trends have evolved massively over the past years, and this has changed the home decor industry in multiple aspects. Use of decor paper, decor glass, decor polystyrene, etc., has substantially increased in recent years as the preference for luxury furniture has increased on a global scale. Shipments of decor paper rose at a CAGR of 5% from 2013 to 2021. Decor paper gives a high-end quality finish to wood-based surfaces and has been gaining significant popularity as demand for luxury and high-quality furniture increases from residential and commercial applications alike. See more details at wood texture paper.